Monday, November 28, 2011

Gasoline Cafe

Have you ever been served by an emo/punk girl with heavy make-up and dark clothing in a restaurant? Well, why don't you guys and girls try out this place...Gasoline Cafe in i-City Shah Alam. 

Gasoline Cafe is another option for food lovers out there and you can also experience sitting cross-legged (bersila) with your friends. It is so rare to find a restaurant that offers this kind of attraction so Gasoline Cafe really let us experience the difference. 

I went there with my friends last Saturday night to celebrate Nurr Shafik's birthday. It was his girlfriend's idea, Nateesha that brought us to i-City but I suggested this cafe.

We ordered a lot of food because the price is quite reasonable. For appetizers, we had a basket of salmon ball (RM 6.90), French Fries (RM 5.90) and fried nuggets (RM 5.90). We ordered orange, watermelon and mango juice for RM 5.00 each and also mango tea latte for RM 5.50.

For the main course, this birthday boy ordered Portugal Chicken Rice for only RM 7.90.

I ordered wrapped fish and egg with vegetable rice and it cost me  RM 7.90 too.

This is the special cheese curry chicken rice and it is baked with cheese on top of it. Seriously scrumptious, RM 16.90 per plate.

Nateesha ordered Thai style fried rice (RM 7.90) and she loved it. 

For readers out there, no worries because this cafe is certified HALAL and we can have a free wi-fi access as well. The music selection in the cafe is also up-to-date so we will not feel so dull while enjoying our food. 

If you are interested to try out this cafe, why don't you head out to its nearest branch as Gasoline Cafe is also available at Berjaya Times Square, Sunway Pyramid, Sungei Wang Plaza and The Spring. This is certainly the place where food lovers stop to fill in their stomach and not for gasoline ;)


Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) said...

sume makanan western je ke yg ad?

IMANSHAH said...

mesti mahal ni

delarocha said...

mana pic pelayannya?

Saiazuan said...

bnyk kali aku lalu, brminat nak try.. tp time lalu je msti dah mkn... haha

rozeeta rashid said...

wahh. tengok pun dah nampak delicious! macam best je yang cheese curry chicken rice tu. hehe.

ASyraff Ryu said...

wow like 2 try this later

apple damein said...

look 4ward for it!

zoe said...

ni semua dekat KL. u will never find all this super delicious cafe or whatever it is called in Perak. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Suhami Ahmad said...

love the ending ;)

amir aizat said...

awesome place !!!

EpoLįƒ¦Kekunangpelangi said...

Baik2 takut ada emo yang kelar tangan buat resepi tambahan. hehe.

Nice place. :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Airil: hehe, tak la..makanan Msia n Thai pon ada ;)

IMANSHAH: tak la mahal sangat.... kami pesan banyak makanan, cuma RM 80++ je utk 4 orang...

delarocha: hehe, yg tu kena singgah sendiri, pastu tgk hehehe...

Zuan: oh ya ka? lepas ni kau kena kosongkan perut selalu hehehe

rozeeta: hehe, memang sedap...saya da cuba hehehe

Asyraff: bila kau da balik Msia le...hehehe

Apple: hehe, yeay...ada geng! hehe

Zoe: ala, jgn la sedih ZOe...nanti singgah la KL sblom balik Melaka hehe

Atok: hehe, thanks Atok...

amir aizat: heehe, memang best huhuh

Epol: haha, yea tak yea jugak kan? hehehehehe