Thursday, November 24, 2011

Johnny's Restaurant-One Utama

Hye guys and girls, how are you doing today? Have you treated yourself something good, a vacation or maybe a special feast for your tummy? Well, Diba and I went to One Utama on Wednesday night because we were so bored at our hostel although we were supposed to read "Green is the colour".

Please blame this person as she has been asking me out like nobody's business; thank God that I am single and available. I like to try out new restaurants, good food and various taste although it is not good for my health. It was Johnny's Restaurant  turn, so I hope that I review it good too.

This restaurant consists of halal Thai steamboat with sumptuous choices of seafood, meat, chicken and vegetable. The price ranges  from as cheap as RM 2.00+ to RM 165 for abalone, and we can order other Thai cuisines too. The ambiance is serene as there are quite private areas for visitors to enjoy their food but most importantly is the price. Believe me that we all afford it, seriously!

Diba ordered hot and spicy fried rice, something like that. I observed that she enjoyed the meal so I hope that the meal is delicious.

I ordered this fried rice with belacan, seriously I forgot its name but it was terribly good! There are a lot of rice on the plate too, very filling!

Both of us are not fans of seafood so we ordered basic item just to experience cooking. We should have ordered "tomyam" as the soup but it is okay, we will do better next time.

All in all, I gave Johnny's Restaurant 7/10 because of the above justifications. Some people may have different opinion so it is up to you guys and girls. Why not you try out for yourself first, and tell me about it. 

P/S: Nazim Othman was there too, with a special friend of his ;)

Log on to http://www.johnnyrestaurant.com for more information and promotion people.


^^Nur Izat^^ said...

johnny mmg sedap giler! hehehe... nazim othman pula hensem giler... hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Izat: amboi...promote Johnny's lagi nampak? hahhahah..terima kaseh kerana memuji Azham Vosovic yg perasan ni hahahaha

rozeeta rashid said...

hot and spicy rice sedap! tapi tak spicy pun. hehe. lapar pulak tengah2 malam ni. haha.

Ashley Alexandra said...

The food there are not bad, considering the price. That's why the place is always packed esp meal time. And yes, next time you should try the hot tom yam ;)

eddy syrol said...


nazira said...

cam sedap.. huhu


Saiazuan said...

aku x prnah merasa lg mkn kt situ.. huhu

Aman Ibrahim said...

yumyum.. nak!

SyedGraphiX said...

belanjaaa ahhh abammm! HAHA

The one who asked u out said...

ohoooiii I WAS the one that asked u out ae... ooooooooo... :P

Azham Vosovic said...

rozeeta: heheh, memang x pedas..nama je mcm tu hehehe

ashley: yes akak..will do next time heheheh

eddy: yeay...mmg sedap hehehe

nazira: alhamdulillah, sedap hehehe

Zuan: balik N9 nanti kau kena cuba heheh

Aman: aman lah belanja hehe

Syed: abam? hahahaha

Diba: haha,,,ooopsie! hahhaha