Monday, November 14, 2011

MLIE Exhibition: The Dead Crow

Please cite the source if any of you happen to extract any information from this site; Aiman and I have sourced for information and research with hopes to make this mini-exhibition a successful one. Plagiarism is not allowed, just cite the source(s) according to the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

Taken from: here

“The Dead Crow” is one of the poems chosen for Form One English Literature component in Malaysian secondary schools for the previous syllabus. It is a translated work of A. Samad Said’s poem “Gagak Parit” written to address the issues of pollution and the ignorance that the society has been doing to the environment all this while. The persona projects his anger because some people are making money by cutting down timbers in the rainforest while others suffer. The persona brought up a very good question to the readers about the reasons why the environment go through such pain yet this country is abundant with resources. The persona also points out a message in this poem regarding the actions that should be taken by the public or concerned authorities, namely the politicians to plan the development so that environment can be preserved for the future generations and forever. 

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