Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Making of KOSONG

 Guitar Empire, 
Endah Parade Sri Petaling.

Those who have read this would know what this blog post would be about. Sorry for the delay because I have been busy with tests and assignments but not tonight. Yes, I am sure some of you have listened to Najwa Latif's latest single entitled "Kosong" right?


Well I am actually kind of involved in the music video after somebody invited me via twitter. I emailed my details then I got it, my nationwide debut on Youtube and television screen!

Do not get me wrong okay; I am just one of the many extra casts for Najwa Latif's concert scene but I believe that it is a great start.

These are other extra casts for this scene and most of them are still young; seriously I felt old and awkward there hahaha. We gathered at 4 PM in the music store but the recording only started at 6PM; luckily we were served with food and drinks there. 

I made friends with other extras as well, Hajar and Lynda while waiting for the crew to assemble their equipment. Hajar (left) is a freelance worker for Tayangan Unggul and she knows a lot of gossips among Malaysian artists! Lynda (right) is a Form 5 student and it has been her second time filming for Najwa Latif's music video; the first was for the song "Sahabat" in Bukit Bintang.


Our job is simple; to be the "crowd" at Najwa's concert but that also needs a lot of concentration since we cannot look at the camera! It was hard for me because I always ended up looking directly to the camera; lame...I know!

It took us nearly half an hour to shoot one scene for the "crowd" so now I know that acting and filming is not easy! For this part, we had to imagine that Najwa Latif was performing on stage with the camera recording our faces; we cannot look at the camera at all!


Then finally the scene with the real Najwa Latif on stage; the director took few shots and I deliberately put myself on the front row on Najwa's right side despite my height. The lyric of the song is simple so I had no problem singing the song.

Najwa Latif is so cute and her attitude matches her age and personality; she even addressed all of us as her friends and not fans. 

Insyaallah if the music video is finally released then I will share it here. Please do not expect too much okay; there probably  be no sign of me in the video at all. As I have said earlier; I am just an extra cast for the video clip. 

The shooting ends at about 9 PM then I rushed back to UPM; I am thankful to Allah for giving me the chance to be a part of the music video. I don't care if it is just a small role but the experience is what matters. At least I could tell my kids all sorts of things that I have done in my life and how I Dare to Dream ;)


Venue               : tempat
Delay               : penangguhan
Nationwide          : seluruh negara
Debut               : kemunculan pertama
Extra cast          : pelakon tambahan
Awkward             : kekok
Gathered            : berkumpul
Assemble            : memasang
Equipment           : peralatan
Freelance worker    : pekerja bebas
Crowd               : orang ramai/penonton
Concentration       : tumpuan
Deliberately        : sengaja
Despite             : walaupun
Addressed           : menyapa
Released            : dikeluarkan
Rushed              : bergegas


Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

bila aku bleh blakon dalam vclip ni???

Azham Vosovic said...

Zuan: kau berminat? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

i ada bakat :) hihi..awesome lar..akak nk sign.. :D
p/s : next time invite violyn :D

Azham Vosovic said...

Violyn: thanks for your support akak hehe.... terharu sgt hehehe

Wan Ahmad Izudean said...

waaa bestnya dapat join aktiviti mcam ni :) jadi crowd untuk video clip..

semutsengal said...


kau jadi watak utama eh ?


Azham Vosovic said...

Izudean: haha...best...cari pengalaman je tu heheh

semutsengal: okay, kau perli aku haha

ieda said...

seronoknyee dikkk :-) klau boleh joint kan best ekekek beragngan mude je akak nie :-)

chemay said...

tak sabar nak tengok!

Azham Vosovic said...

ieda: haha...masa muda2 ni la kena cepat2 buat semua benda dlm dunia hehehe

chemay: haha nnti da kuar sy bgtau k haha

Clumsy Boy said...

Waaa... aku suka lagu ni..

ABU said...

wah nanti adala nampak dalam klip najwa.. untungla...:)

Azham Vosovic said...

ABU: haha sekarang trend cakap "untunglah" kan? hahahahaha...insyaallah kalau ada rezeki adalah hehe...tak berharap sgt pon...

sarina said...

wah..najwa latif...=)

Azham Vosovic said...

sarina: hehe... yeap itu Najwa Latif hehehe

amny said...

waahhhh ... najwa latipp ..wuihuihui

Aziela said...

Yang paling mahal ialah persahabatan yang baru didapati and of course the experience...

Azham Vosovic said...

amny: hehe...yes itu Najwa hehe

Aziela: huhu, semoga persahabatan yg sy jalinkan dlm blog ni pon kekal abadi....

Azham Vosovic said...

Clumsy Boy: wah...suka lagu ni eyh?

Hanie Dew said...

oooo...begitu ceritanya..
kalau nampak sikit pun xpe. experience tu yang penting. kan..

ok. tertunggu tunggu pulak VC Kosong ni. =p

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: hehe...kalau ada rezeki insyaallah ada heheh..... tu la, sy sendiri pon x sabar nk tunggu hasilnya hehehe