Sunday, April 11, 2010

Michelle-Michael Confusion!

It happened during English Language Camp,
When I volunteered myself for forum.
I said to Gaya,
"Hey, I can act as a transgendered person!".
Then she said, "Can you? It might offend you anyway".

Then it happened, when I said to the rest of the audience.
"I was Michelle before, but now I am Michael!".
Most of the sleepy-head in the audi woke up.
They did laughed, and clapped.
hahaha, it was funny indeed.

The next morning, they called me,
either Michelleor Michael.
They found me in Facebook,
and they still call me that.

I am flattered that I managed to send the message.
I am proud to say this that,
I love to be Michelle, Michael and Azham Vosovic
and I am seriously having Michelle-Michael confusion!


Niwashini Nambiar said...

hahaha..life full of confusion..nyway i love u'r topic..accc...

Azham Vosovic said...

hehehehehe... thanks Miss Niwa...