Monday, April 12, 2010

A Fashion Review: LDV Assignment!

Theme: Fashion
Issue: How to Look Good While Dressing Up

Fashion has always been in everybody’s blood and breath. Fashion is as simple as choosing colours and accessories in our daily outfits. Based from Macmillan English Dictionary, fashion is defined as the activity or business that involves styles of clothes and people’s appearances. It is also a style of dress that is popular at a particular time. We can make money with fashion. In Malaysia, there are many top designers who have made their way to international level like Datuk Bernard Chandran and Datuk Jimmy Choo. It is funny to think that even a five year old kid would like to dress like Hannah Montana, with fake blonde hair and pink outfits. Most people around the world are willing to spend hundreds and thousands so that they will be recognized as the most fashionable person on Earth but the main concern now is how to look good while dressing up?
From the article ‘Smile with confidence’, (Seneviratne, 2010), it is stated that smile is one major factor that can make us look and feel good. It is a non-verbal means of expression that people will notice first and it makes a statement of who you are, whether you are approachable or not. There are certain people who do not have the guts to smile because they have chipped or uneven teeth and smelly mouth. To look good while smiling, one must go to see the dentist and see what steps that can be taken to improve one’s smile. It is advisable that one must go for regular check-ups and most importantly, brush your teeth as least twice in a day and after your meal. As quoted from the article, “a good set of teeth coupled with a great smile does wonders for a person’s self-confidence” (Seneviratne, 2010).
Secondly, it is fine to take a risk and dress distinctively. This is because, fashion is a self-expression, where people express their thoughts, opinions and unique side of themselves via clothing. Only daring people can dress up like Lady Gaga though some think that she is kooky. Based from a fashion review from Galaxie (2009), Kho states that no one shocks us more than Lady Gaga when it comes to eye-popping fashion. In the meantime, Rihanna is fearless when it comes to fashion. She has risen from obscurity to becoming one of the forerunners where style is concern (Kho, 2009). There are now many outlets selling audacious clothes and outfits. We can see lots of people who dare to take the risk, and go against the flow of fashion, and they made it. The most important thing in fashion and to look good is to keep you updated with fashion reviews and to trust yourself.
Thirdly, try to find something that is age-appropriate. If you are in your golden age, dress up in a classy and current look. Do not be afraid with your age, but be proud of it. Actress, Sophia Loren is still a stunner even though she is now 75 years old. During a photo call for the biopic, she covered her ‘turkey’ neck with a scarf and wore rose-tinted glasses and youthful blush emerged from her cheeks (Vine, 2010). This shows that fashion sense will help you to overcome your most feared stage of your life. One can also try to stand out from the cliché colour of the oldies, black. One can always opt for other palettes like butter yellow and gun metal grey like Demi Moore (Kho, 2009) so that you can stand out in crowd.
As a conclusion, an ordinary person can also be extraordinary, if they dressed up the right way. There are many options out there for us to improve our knowledge about fashion, be it magazines like FHM (For Him Magazine), Cosmopolitan or fashion reviews in television such as Fashion TV and E! News. It is us who determines whether we can look good while dressing up, or the other way around.


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