Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If only...

Why I was born in 1991?
Why I was not born in 1990 huh?
I have to blame my parents for this.
Sad, sad, sad.

If only I studied hard when I was in Standard 3 
And get the chance to skip Standard 4 the next year, 
I can apply the B.Ed TESL Overseas Linking Program 
With Canterburry Christchurch University, United Kingdom.

If only my coursemate and I can go to UK too,
If only God listen to me and how I want it so badly.
I want to study overseas too, with scholarship like them.
It is not fair that I have to eat my heart out seeing the pictures they posted.

How I wish I could be richer than now,
I will study overseas by my parent's money.
Cohort 5 Seniors will be coming back this December,
I am sure with lots of story to be told too.

Life as always, is not fair.
It hurts me so much when I saw their photos in the newspapers,
Wishing "Aidilfitri" to lecturers and friends in Malaysia.
They look so happy and fashionably trendy.

I can be one great TESL student too,
Even though I am not going to UK.
I will make one great teacher though, 
And we will see the results in future.

Gosh, I am writing with jealousy,
That is so bad of me!
This is just an expression,
Don't quote me okay?

Dear IPBA seniors in UK, New Zealand and Australia,
Cohort 5, Cohort 1 and Cohort 2,
I will you all the best okay? Take care always.
Please come back to Malaysia after your studies.
Remember me in every steps of you to classes,
Salam, and God bless.


~M i z a ~ said...

hye dear~ just look on the bright side.. there is silver lining for everything that happened. right? doesnt mean that u dont go to oversea doesnt mean that you are not good. prove that u r good, apply scholarship for your post graduate in overseas ok. then later i can come and visit you :)

like me, i wish i could stay in my japan engineering foundation programme and go to japan. jeles tgk kwan2 akak kat sana sbb diorg bleh g koreaaaaaa dgn senang n jumpa suju!!! waaa!! but look at the bright side, even ada regret sikit x g jepun, i'm happy i went to ipba and meet all wonderful friends, including you and i learn a lot about life. so let's enjoy life ok! :)

budak_baek^_^ said...

hey..i know how it feels..cause m feeling d same too..=(
but remeber..everything happens for reason..so be grateful with watever u hav...dun ever blame anyone..HE had oredy plan the best for us..put ur trust on HIM n u wont feel dissapointed..cheer up babe..=)

Azham Vosovic said...

Kak Miza: huhuhu, I want to do my Masters in Mass Comm later, will apply for a scholarship to study at Glasgow University of London (if the contract with MOE allows me to). huhuhu,

ntah la, I became jealous of all my seniors lately (those who have already been/still in overseas). Jahat kan? cemburukan rezeki orang. huhu, but at least, my class mates and I (the 40 of us) will further or education in UPM for our second year of degree. Kira dapat la rasa hidup kt University... lega rasanya dpt dengar nasihat from my sister yg pernah study kt Aussie ni... thanks akak... really appreciate it...

Farah: I did not blame anyone literally, that was just an expression. biasalah bila kita emo, we said thing we didnt mean rite? Thanks for ur concern. Shall see u in class tomorrow. take care, salam.