Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I live my life for myself, not for others

I wonder why people hate me today?
Is there a sign behind my t-shirt telling people to loathe me?
This morning, my lecturer commented on my hairstyle,
The other lecturer said that the ring on my finger 
Does not reflect on a ''teacher's appearance''.
And in the afternoon, my mentor pointed out 
Like I did not delegate works properly.
What a rough day for me, 
And thanks for the tears.
I really appreciate it.

Let me get this pinned into your head...
I have justifications for what I did. 
Some of my classmates said it is flat and ugly
When I do another kind of hairstyle.
But when I did my signature spiky hairdo they said it is punkish.
So should I keep it messy to make you people happy?
And then when our work in a group is not good,
They blamed the others and the leader,
Not to the person who do not want to take part.

Now you see how life is unfair?
What am I supposed to do 
When people hate all the things that I choose?
How should I react if both the choice 
Just going to make them talk?
You tell me, 
Which other path should I take 
To make them happy?

To be straight to you guys and girls,
I never care of what people wear and do
As long as it does not involve me and my money.
So, I am expecting the same from all of you.
But is that so hard to be done?
Please people.
I live my life for myself,
Not for you.


Amalina Sulaiman said...

am..just ignore what people say...mulut org tak boleh tutup...kita yg patotnya pandai menilai mana yg baik n mana yg buruk...as long as it's not against the syariat and boleh menimbulkan kontroversi..just live ur life to the fullest..ok? be positive in life...semua yg berlaku ada hikmahnya.. :)
I'm always here if u need any help :)

Ikhwan CERiA said...

luahan hati yg sgt menyentuh prsann..kesian..huhuu

Azham Vosovic said...

Amalina: It's okay. That kind of people is not going to break me. I am me and will forever be. Thanks for your concern Amalina.. Really appreciate it.

Ikhwan: huhuhu,no need to be sorry to me, just be sorry to those who commented what I did. Life is so hard to cope with people's words!