Friday, September 24, 2010

Wanna Own a Fashion Label

KK Logo by K**** K*****. You have my back okay?
 Can't wait to wear your design!

This is for K.K!

To be honest,
I’m not in it to win this,
Queen B’s throne is just not for me,
I’d rather stick to being the rat of her choice.

Queen B,
You can have your tiara,
And please step back into the hierarchy,
Because I definitely not needing it.

Thank you for your suggestion
But I believe in myself to succeed,
I don’t need to hide behind your shadow
And will start my own fashion label

*I am waiting for K.K to start his own fashion label
And will definitely be the first to buy his design.
So K.K, this poem is meant for you.
Don’t take a long time to hide,
People are waiting to see your talent.

P/S: He should be in Project Runway anyway.

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