Monday, September 20, 2010

Accept Individuality


Mrs. Ruby puts on pink lipstick on her lips,
Though she is nearly forty with grown up kids
Because she wants to stay young forever.
What that has got to do with you gossipers?

That girl wears high heels to the field
Because she feels better that way.
That is when she can get attention from her crush
But did you notice that mean girls?

That geek combs his hair to the right side of his head
Because he likes it and feels comfortable with anything.
It is his mum’s wish to see her son neat and tidy to school
But have you all asked him that before you pour Coke on him?

That boy wears skinny jeans and small tees
And gain more confidence showing the shape of his body.
He had worn baggy jeans when he was fat so now it is his time
And he used his own money so why you have to worry?

That boy wants to make love with another boy,
At the back of his dad’s car for three rounds.
Love is universal and sins is their problem
So why are you so homophobic?

Don’t be so free to poke your nose into somebody else’s business,
We have our own, and have the right to choose the life we want to,
As long as it doesn’t require you to pay money
For their actions then you should stay away.

Why certain people cannot accept individuality?
Why they care for what they shouldn’t meddle into?
Just accept a person by who they are and no judging,
One needs privacy in life and so do I.

Life is just going to be dull and boring 
If you stick to the same pattern.
It is okay to be different. 
Trust me, it's worth it. 
I am different, so do you!

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