Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 2: The Best of Their Marriage Years

The miserable pilot was beaten by his army dad like a child,
But his mother did not know that he make out with his cousin.
If they both know, he will no longer serve for the family
And have no place to call home for Aidilfitri.

Azizah was sad when she came to the house,
She told him the truth to Mr. Mahmud and Mrs. Fatimah,
And he was disowned by them straight after that,
Azizah and Hafiz fled to the city and were married.

Blessed with two kids and a house near the beach,
They decided to come home for forgiveness that year.
Fasting month was over but they have no place to go,
And their kids were wondering about their grandparents.

Arrived home when Mr Mahmud was cutting the bamboo
For ‘lemang’ and Mrs. Fatimah was preparing the ‘rendang’,
Hafiz ran to the door and hugged his parents for so long,
And Azizah watched as her kids were in confusion.

That was finally the year they celebrated ‘raya’ as a family,
Their kids have now grandparents to call ‘atok’ and ‘opah’,
And they cook dishes every year and were on good terms,
And that was the most beautiful part of their marriage years.

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