Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to lose your best friend in one day?

            Friends are gift from God to help you endure high tides of your life and when you have come to the losing end of your journey. They will comfort you with their safe hands and lend you their shoulders when you need to cry. I have a large number of best friends (not to boast) but they really help me and will always be with me when I need them the most. Friends are priceless; I love my friends very much and I cannot imagine if one day they drift away from my life.

One day is actually too long for you to lose your very best friend. One minute is sufficient to make sure that your best friend hates you forever in your life. I have listed few useful tips that you should avoid from committing them unless you want to be friendless in future. This is up to individuality but I would like to share few things that I had done to some of my best friend and made them loathe me. Literally speaking, I killed them with my words.

·         Spread the news to the whole school about your gay best friend; they will kill you for that.
·         Pretend that you are an angel in front of him/her and bitch about your best friend behind them after school with your other friend.
·         Get close to your best friend’s enemy and tell him/her everything about your best friend.
·         Over shadow your best friend’s abilities. Try to defeat him/her in every aspect even though you suffer.
·         Do not reply his/her text messages or even answer their calls when they need you the most and pretend that the phone is off.
·         Laugh when your best friend makes mistake and decline to teach when they ask you to.
·         Never let him/her the chance to point out their views. You are the only one who is forever right and they are not.
·         This is my favourite part. Date with your best friend’s ex. By doing this, you will no longer be in their list of friends.
·         When in fight, push him/her to the bottom of society by isolating him/her at the loser’s table.
·          If you dare, get close to your best friend’s family and gain their attention until he/she feels no longer wanted in the family unit.

I sound so mean by listing all these killing facts but trust me; these are the thing that will make them out of your life forever. I did commit some of the sins but not all because I still have a sane mind. That was when I was in secondary school and I was a bit immature in that sense. Now, reaching the age of nineteen, I think I am a wiser youngster, enjoying the very last year or my teenage dreams. 

Until I write again,
Salam and God bless.

P/S: This entry is not related to any friend of mine in IPG KBA okay? Huhuhu...

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