Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Announcer/Broadcast Journalist

Just feeling so somber on this special Teachers' Day celebration...I totally ruined the chance to pursue my dream job as an Announcer/Broadcast Journalist at Putra FM (Universiti Putra Malaysia's very own radio station). This has been one of my dream so I dressed up for the part in order to portray a pleasant worker's appearance; went there early and put up a brave face even though I was not.

My nervousness clearly cloud up my language so I stuttered, stammered and swallowed my words that the other non-TESL candidate did a better broadcast for the audition; I knew it because I heard and peeped his audition session. Such a shame for an English language teacher-to-be who is supposed to have a flawless language acquisition, I need to practice, practice and practice!

 This is just so sad, I should only use English in my daily conversation since I am not proficient in my speaking skills; this is high time to reflect on my effort to brushing up my language. Seriously, I will stop talking in my native language starting from now for the best of my future. This is firm even though it may sound so arrogant to some people; I have to do the right thing in my life. 

Nevertheless, it was still worthy of an experience! I managed to step into Putra FM's studio and get the feeling of a radio announcer. Even if I were not chosen as one of the announcer, I promise that I will not fret at all. There are stuff in life that you are totally good at, and some part are just not meant for you. In fact, I have tried my best so now it is up to the management team. Insyaallah, rezeki ada di mana-mana ;)

P/S: If I were not fated to be sitting on the Announcer seat, perhaps I could still join Putra FM as a writer for English programs or any odd jobs right?


Hanie Dew said...

yup yup jangan sekali kali putus asa. hihihi..ala biasa la tu tetibe rasa mcm tak reti buat segala bende. first time kan. kalau dah biasa takde la jd cenggini.aku tau interviewer tu pun mesti paham punya la.

good luck azham. semoga ko berjaya terpilih nanti.

delarocha said...

never give up !!

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: Thanks for the spirit booster! I really need that...I have been down since this morning...Gosh...I could have done better huhuh...thanks once again Hanie ;)

Delarocha: hehe...thanks bro!

apple damein said...

kemon la azham..suke sgt maen2..hahaha do it ur way then it will be fine..believe so :P

gwen velora said...

omg! we have the same dream. but this is kinda my ambition before and even now. after finish contract i might try to pursue my dream. hope you will too. :)

Orked said...

Takpe, usaha lagi...Allah kan ade...HE noe our effort...:)

Aziela said...

That's the spirit. You can always try for another sessions in the future. Practice makes perfect. I'm starting my English conversation with my son everytime I meet him (if I do not forget..). It's for my own good and for him to practice his English as well.

Hanie Dew said...

yeah..sure you can really do better. tapi rezeki manusia takde sape yang tahu.pray for the good news.

. Menu SR sekrg ni sume nampak sedap
. Sape je la nak jumpe kitrg ni.hihi
. Tudung bawal becorak tu mmg lawa. nampak muda..auuw...ok beli byk byk.hahahahaa.

Azham Vosovic said...

Apple: amboi! mudahnya cakap! hahahaha...susah kot....

Gwen: hehe...same here! I'm kind of glad to go through the audition already....and I am okay with whatever news I'm going to hear soon hehehe

Orked: hehe...thanks yeah...insyaallah kalau ada rezeki dapatlah hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Aziela: hehe, that is such a great start to nurture the love for English to your son hehehe...insyaallah one day you and your son would be proficient too hehehe

Hanie: hehe...insyaallah kalau ada...adalah good news hehehe....

Haha...main reply kat sini eyh? bagus bagus bagus....boleh cuba nanti hehehehe

Anonymous said...

takpeee azzham.
boleh try lagi lepas ni.
biasalah tu neves.

Narumi Isozaki said...

woahhhh!! never ever give up am! peluang dah ada! juz put more effort on it! common!! =))

Azham Vosovic said...

chemay: hehe....benci la nerves...nak cuba sekali lg boleh tak?

Narumi: hehe... insyaallah lepas ni nak cuba sekali lg hehehhe