Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday Pranks

*No smoking please ;)

I have this weird wish which is to be prank-ed on my birthday; Dec 15 this year. I have celebrated nineteen years of my life yet have never been prank-ed by anybody; that is the real reason why I love to prank my friends on their birthday. I wish that they will hold grudges against me and let it all out on my birthday. 

When the day comes, please pour the flour on my face in public, throw water balloons at me and paint my face any color you like. I will accept all those pranks with an open heart and will prepare better surprises for all of you next year. I just hope that my friends will not damage my stuff on that special day, especially my beloved phone that costed me a fortune. 

Now I hope that my friends and all of you know what I have been wanting all these while ;)

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^^Nur Izat^^ said...

haha.. tunggu jer la.. dah bape tahun hg terlepas.. kali ni.. mmg betul2 sweet 20 kami prank hg... hahahaha... *evil laugh*

ABU said...

btw... lawak gambak kat atas tu hahahahahahaha

Azham Vosovic said...

Izat: promise me okay? Hahaha, I hope that this Sweet 20 celebration will be the best hahahah....

ABU: hahaha, lawak la...tu gambar kena buli kot hahaha

zoe said...

wahh.. ni request betul ni nak kene prank mase birthday, i wish if i could be with u during ur birthday too.. lame betul x jumpe blogger2 digi. hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Zoe: hahaha....ni macam desperate je kan hahhhhaahha

JOm buat gathering Zoe? hahahha