Saturday, January 22, 2011

DiGi Done Right Camp Part 7: The Lessons

Hey guys and girls. How is your energy today? Have you raised your standards? -That are the common sentences we heard when we were in the DiGi Done Right Camp. Well, it's already Saturday and this marks the one week celebration of Done Right Camp. Wow, time flies so fast right?

This is the seventh part of the Done Right Camp and I am going to focus on what we have learnt from Mr U2 Kumar throughout the camp. The camp is all about changing each and every selected bloggers for the betterment. Trust me that I have changed and managed to stay positive right now.

1) Today is a Grreat Day!

Well, we learnt about appreciating every days in our life. There was a poster pasted on the wall that says "Today is a great day" and I agree with that. Why must we complaint about our bad hair day while somebody else is maybe dealing with his life or death matters? We should appreciate our days because we may not be able to live another day, so now I am appreciating  my days in this world so I love each and every day in my life!

2) Words Have Power!

Do you guys realize that words have power too? This lesson is very crucial because every word we utter might hurt somebody's feelings or make them happy. Yes, words have power so we should choose our words and thoughts. We should practice this when we are blogging, because we do not want to hurt our readers emotions right? 

3) Raise your standards!

We should never feel comfortable at our safe grounds because we must improve our abilities and standards. Do you guys and girls want to be at the same place for your whole life? Never right? That why we have to be eXtraOrdinary bloggers!

4) No failures! Wrong results! Change Strategy!

This is what I called a lesson to make us bloggers to stay positive. When you are at a wrong turn and find yourself dealing with your mistakes, just don't give up because that is just a result of wrong strategy. There is no failure in life but we have not used the correct strategy.

5) I know I can be better!

Yes, I know that I can be better because everyone has the chance to change for the betterment. Thanks to the lessons, I want to be a better person in future.

6) I support you!

Support system is very crucial so that we can help each other. I have a great support system in my college; I have my friends and lecturers to strengthen my spirit to become the next Super Blogger. I also want to give my full support to each and everyone in this world.

7) Insanity!

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting better result and change.  That is just insane because no better results can be gained if you are still at your old same spot remember?

8) I must change first!

Yes, I need to change first if I want things to change because that will be fair and square for everyone right? 

9) You are your energy!

We ourselves determine what we want to be, so it affects our results. If you are lazy, then you will get a dull result of your achievement. Remember to ask around about their energy as well. So how's your energy people?

10) I'm a mental warrior!

Everyone is a mental warrior, so we have to be mentally strong to fight all negative influences and thoughts. Remember that we want to stay positive only...

*To be continued

Photo credits to Google Image. Thank you Mr U2 Kumar for the lessons.