Friday, January 21, 2011

DiGi Done Right Camp Part 6: Super Blogger in the making!

Enough of updates my big blogging taste,
Let us cut to the chase, let us loose our leg.
This is the ramble, the sudden of phase
Because here is the story the trouble that I faced.

The Aria I did not win is not the stop to all possibilities,
The Torch I've been eying had been my lost forgotten dream.
That isn't too much, those aren't mine probably,
My good luck is maybe someone else's broken wish.

Not gonna give up for God's little challenge,
My passion is blogging, my solo energy.
Not gonna complaint, be lamely blaming,
I choose to stay positive thanks to the camp!


*Thank you to Mr U2 Kumar for you have changed me to become a more positive minded person. I shall practice what you have preached to all of us. I promise that your effort will not be wasted down the drain. 

 Not to forget, lots of hugs and kisses to DiGi Communication for throwing such an enjoyable and successful camp because I have gained my self-esteem back again. 

Also, thanks to Nuffnang as well for selecting me to become one of the 25 chosen bloggers all around Malaysia. I owe the three entities a lot, so wait for the next Super Blogger in the making yea? I shall be one of them, *watching my steps carefully.

P/S: I want to be an eXtraOrdinary super blogger!

Photo credits to: Google Image and Nikelkhor.com


kyle said...

man, i wish i could join this camp too!!

Azham Vosovic said...

Kyle: heheh, please apply for next series of the camp! seriously... wait for the news from Nuffnang and DiGi yea...

Mr. TN_SkY said...

Me too..tapi cane nk join eh? :-)

kyle said...

azham: ade lagi ker next? how to know? i didnt even knew about the one you went, huhu

Azham Vosovic said...

Rumors has it that there will be the second series of the camp. You have to be updated with Nuffnang's news la... heheh

.:rizaL:. said...

thats the spirit i wnt!

ijatnuar87 said...

hehehhe...nice2...biler la nak dapat peluang camnih,hehehe

princess laila said...

aih..tuah badan la yerk..huhu~

pape p0n! aja aja faightin! wish u..moga jd an xtra0rdinary supr blogger!! :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Rizal: Thank you buddy!

Mr Ijat: hehe, senang je nak dpt. peluang merata-rata..kena rajin masuk contest kt Nuffnang je...

Princess Laila: hehe, thank you so much for the support. hehhe