Thursday, January 6, 2011

When a car is now a member of my family...

My mother cares more of the car’s condition rather than my safety; it was obvious when I called her on the day I met with a dreadful car accident last month.

“Is the car badly damaged?” was the first sentence that came out from her mouth. She was extremely worried with the MPV my dad bought the week before, without knowing that I am dealing with a terrible head concussion.

I have actually prepared myself with that kind of question before I called her two hours after the mishap. I have to inform her, or else I will find myself trapped in my own death sentence. Sometimes I wonder that maybe she loves the car more than her love towards me, not to feel envious but that is the truth. I guess that the car is her newborn son now, and I am again the black sheep of the family.

She was stunned when I said that the car is our new family member on the phone. She did not realize that I was hurt with that kind of simple thing she said and she apologized. I guess that I am a really good observer and she said that she should pay more attention towards me. She promised that she should be more careful after this, not to hurt her children’s feelings anymore.

Well, I am glad that things quite okay now between the both of us and I have proven myself that honesty will always be my best policy. If you feel that you should talk to your parents, just do it in the right way, not in an oppressive tone. 

P/S: A family car or a car for the family?
Something to ponder...

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