Thursday, January 20, 2011

DiGi Done Right Camp Part 4: Food & Pregnancy!

So let us now continue with the stories that happened during the DiGi Done Right Camp. My focus now is about the food and pregnancy. Huh? Am I for real? Yes....wait until the very last part of the entry yea?

Loads of thanks to DiGi for the food because I love it very much. I am sure that the other DiGi Super Bloggers felt the same right? I want to share the pictures of food that I managed to capture before I ate them. Don't be jealous people!

This is my picture before the transformation.


Our lunch on our first day! Yummy right Mokky Mok?

The dishes for our dinner! Argh! I miss the food "lah"...

We stayed at Carlton Holiday Hotel, Shah Alam for one night, all sponsored by DiGi. Thank you once again DiGi and Nuffnang for inviting me to join the camp! I love both companies!

The view at night.

Thanks to Kifli for the picture. It was taken in front of the entrance. Let us see the room we got.

.:Room 525:.

Two bloggers are placed in one spacious yet luxurious bedroom. Kifli is my room mate.

Rise and shine the next morning people. Get ready for the food hunt again!

Look at what we had for breakfast! We have to eat a lot because we are the Om Nom Nom people as well right? Besides, those are free dishes so why would us waste them right? I had my usual+favorite breakfast like I used to have in college. "Nasi lemak" with " fried koay teow" in one plate.  I know it sounds weird but I like it that way. Two special taste for a guy like me! Oh my God, is this like a "threesome" with the food? I guess so hahaha....Then, Kifli and I had chicken sausages, omelettes, dumplings and orange juice.

This is my cute+non-hypocrite room mate. I love his attitude because he does not like to be hiding from his own identity. I guess that he is true. He showed his true color to us in Day 2 and we are okay with it because we are Super DiGi Bloggers! Oh, I miss him already.

These are some of my friends I made there at the camp. They are very nice and understanding. Some of them are teacher trainees as well and they are doing their twinning program with UiTM Shah Alam. They are my seniors by the way, but from Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia Kampus Gaya, Sabah. 

Before we leave the hotel for the camp, I managed to take a time and cam-whored in the toilet


Okay, back to D'House, we had this for lunch right after the seminar. I was quite homesick at that time because I kept on thinking about my hostel. Even though I had fun at the camp but I miss my laptop and my blogging time. Poor me right? That was the first hurtful homesickness I felt for my laptop and hostel. Weird right?

The yummiest lunch ever because I love those 'popiahs'! I can't get any 'popiah' "lah" here in KL. Any idea people?

My second round of the lunch! I really took the advantage of the free food that we got. Alhamdulillah, I was really full for that two days!

Now is the time for the real transformation...
Let us see who got knocked up?
Blame the food people!
Blame the food!
Not my room mate!


Can you spot the bump at my tummy?

God! Love this bump! It makes me feel like a mother for a moment but I have to get this bump away quickly. What if the Students Affair Department of my college knows about this? I will be "kicked out" from this course for a year.

I am officially one week+ pregnant! Should I abort this "baby"? Nah! I don't have to because this bump will subside in no time. I have a very efficient metabolism rate in my body so I will be skinny again the next day. Trust me! I guess that this is the gift that God has given me. I used to be 96 KG when I was in Form 4 but now I am 73kg only. I love this reward from God so much. Thank you...

*To be continued in Part 5.


.:rizaL:. said...

haha..u b****..u went to the camp & made out?

Aly89 said...

Yeah, the food were good right? They've been pampering us until we come back few KGs heavier..:D

I miss you guys! T.T

Azham Vosovic said...

Rizal: haha, that's me though. Lots of food and got knocked up!

Aly: Hehe, sis! I agree with you... Love the food so much...

Mokky Mok said...

LMAO! Food makes u pregnant! haha.... nice post! =D

SizZLing SuZai said...

congrates...so gurl or boy nih~

keryoki said...

haha..pregnant..hopefully it's a boy!

ijatnuar87 said...

wah...so nice maa...the food look good...did i told u so,never mind with the nasi bachelor,because u will get something better,hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Mokky Mok: haha, am I the only one pregnant? hahah

Suzai: I want a baby boy...they are so cute....

Keryoki: hahah, yes I wish it's a boy too...

Mr Ijat: Yes2, one day of Nasi Bachelor but three days of luxurious food. Rezeki anak...hahahaha