Saturday, January 22, 2011

DiGi Done Right Camp Part 8: The Lessons

11) Team support/team work/team building/team leadership!

Team members must have the willingness to encourage others to do well and know each other's roles and responsibilities to support the team. We all must think as a team and understand the strengths and weaknesses to make up a great team. As a leader in a team, one must bring out the best in others and inspire people to have confidence in themselves and not in him only. As Mr U2 Kumar said, super leader is not in the spotlight but he is the one leading the applause. 

Well, there are two greatest ability of leadership and the first is to get along with others. Secondly, a leader must influence others with his or her actions. That is such a hard thing to do but a great leader will always overcome this matter. 

12) Intensity of eye contact!

Eye contact is crucial for us to transfer our feelings and emotions to the others. That is where we can communicate non-verbally and let the others be mesmerized with our thoughts and actions. Eye contact is the best way to influence others okay.

13) Don't assume, be clear or clarify!

One should not assume about instructions because if one cannot understand, he or she must make it clear by clarifying it with the person who had given the instruction. This is another example of a failed communication because we tend to assume the others to understand our instructions. That is why we have to look for response once we are done with the talking, not to feel "syok sendiri". 

14) Big heart vs Small heart!

Big-hearted people is always a happy and positive person. That is why they look young everyday. I want to have a big heart because I want to share my love and thoughts with my blog reader. I hope that my heart can get bigger and bigger everyday because I love my readers.

15) Challenge!

We should never be afraid of challenges because those will add colors to our life. Once we have take up the challenge, we can measure the level of our performance; whether we have achieved eXtraOrdinary performance or not. 

16) Stop complaining, blaming, excuses and gossips!

Yes, we should stop all these. There is no benefit at all, precious time is wasted never to return. Keep these kinds of things from your blogs people! I know that it will be good for your traffic but...you are a big boys and girls now.

Well, we have learnt so much at the DiGi Done Right Camp. Thank you to Mr U2 Kumar, DiGi Communication and Nuffnang for the opportunities given. I love all of you sooo much! CHALLENGE IS PASSION!

Photo credits to Mokky Mok, Nikel Khor and Mr Google Image!


ijatnuar87 said...

wahwahwah...beshnyer..siap ader sijil tu,hehehe

Azham Vosovic said...

Mr Ijat: hehe, tu yang best tu... ada sijil... hahah