Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random Pictures: Eating Out @ Kampung Baru!

Hi guys and girls. Here is the story when we have got our degree allowance on Wednesday last week. Alhamdulillah, the first time ever I have that big amount of money in my account. We went to a Western food restaurant in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur and it was awesome! Yes, more than 15 people were there to celebrate the event and here are the pictures, so enjoy...

Look at the ship behind, that is where they cook our food!

Diba the Dibot and he famous sugar-free drink! 
It's a honest compliment from me her trainer-from-afar!

We want our food!

Camera time!

I love my class mates, TESL Secondary Class A and B plus Kak Jiha so much!

Just want to show off our rings. Kak Mariah has got a lot of rings!

Two beautiful TESLians and a neighbor! Kak Jiha in her pink-red shawl!

Hungry faces, look at Rina, she's so desperate for food!

Kak Jiha and Kak Mariah in her red shawl.

Table full of food! Chicken chop, Gordon Blue, Sirloin steak, salad dressings, what else?

Yeah, we are so busy with the food, finally!

Azham Vosovic, Hakimah Mohd Abdul Wahid and Alexs Nuk!

.:On our way back to IPG KBA:.

At Kampung Baru LRT Station, some of us had taken the first train already.

Fitness first!

Cam-whoring time!

I love this picture so much, it's like I have gained weight again! Yes! 

Who farted? It smells like Thai food in here!

P/S: We were late that night, entered the hostel at 11.30 PM but luckily the guards did not take our names. Lucky us because the guards know that we went our for food. And that was the moment I received a call from RHAD about my winning, alhamdulillah.


amir aizat said...

woah sdap tgk mkan!!

bella bellitos said...

amboii..p makan2 xajak aku ye

Miss Zati (^___^) said...

mood sy yg x baek pd ary tersebot.. haha.. x mow mkn c2 lg... sedap.. tp service agk lmbt... huhu...

ijatnuar87 said...

tu dia...dapat elaun tros joli sakan,hahaha

Azham Vosovic said...

amir aizat: mmg la sedap, makan besar..heheh

bella: haha, bukan ko g date ke mlm tu dgn En Kelawar Putih? heheh..

Zati: haha, yea la muka garang mcm nak makan Rina je masa tu... hehehe

Pokjat: haha, tak sakan pun... sy makan fish&chip RM 6.90, teh o ais limau RM 2.00. tak mahal mana pun.. kiranya nak gantikan lemak2 yang da berkurangan masa tempoh mencatu makanan haritu la..

kiwi said...

wah azham,feymes gitu aku kt blog ko....hahahhaha.....(ayt xley blah).....

Azham Vosovic said...

haha, tgk la owner blog ni sapa? haha, musim hujan ni baik ko teroka dunia Nuffnang. cuba buat sendiri, senang je.. jgn main banjir kt Johor tu dah le.. heheh Muar banjir x?