Monday, January 31, 2011


So what the fuss is with Interlok?
People have been throwing tantrums quite lately,
In the news, on the streets everywhere.
Even today my dad has been called to settle down 
The people wailing on the lanes.

They have made my daddy out for work
While he was supposed to stay at home for a day.
Roads were closed and traffics got nowhere to go.
Thank you people, for you have caused
Silent chaos to the nation again.

And I still keep my mouth shut
Even when they have been asking a lot.
This is not racism but a call for everybody;
Policemen have tons of work to do,
 Just stop your childish acts on Penang's busy streets.


ijatnuar87 said...

heheheh...cuma kerana politik,abis semua dilibatkan...

Azham Vosovic said...

Betul tu Pokjat... mereka tu tak ada motif pun, saja je nak kecohkan keadaan... Tolong la, polis ada byk lagi benda nak pikir.