Sunday, January 9, 2011

I know how it feels to be criticized

Even though the song tittle is not commercial enough,
I must praise the song writer for the efforts made 
In making the song a beautiful melody for me.
I am a singer at heart and I know how to appreciate poetry.

I can feel the sincerity of the words chosen,
The hardships the writer have been through
And the critics he endures every other day.
I am a poet and I know how it feels to be criticized.

P/S: You don't have to be a beautiful singer to attract audience attention. If you sing a song whole-heartedly, people will love you too. Susan Boyle is one of the singer that doesn't have the full package as an artiste but she has proven the world that she has something to show too. Good luck Susan!


apple damein said...

xsangke u pown minat susan..same goes wth me..

mu thumblr acc: http://criteapple.tumblr.com/

Miss Zati (^___^) said...

sape yg am mksudkan ni? ana raffali ker? huhu

.:rizaL:. said...


Azham Vosovic said...

Apple: I don't really adore Susan but she is a great inspiration for a singer-at-heart like me.

Miss Zati: hehe, let it be a secret yea.

Rizal: oops! No heart feelings yea...