Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Are you moist enough?

Hello people! Happy 53rd Independence Day to our beloved country, Malaysia and its citizens. I went to Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil this morning to celebrate Independence Day together with thousands of patriotic Malaysians there. The weather was just nice but when I stepped outside the stadium, the heat started to melt my Botox and Collagen (kidding!).

 Yes, it was so hot until I could feel my not-so-skinny jeans was burning and I panicked. My skin started to dry like I was in Sahara Desert at that moment and the worst was my not-so-Angelina Jolie's lips. I ran to the nearest shelter and took out my secret formula from the inside of my authentic Larrie bag and applied the secret potion all around the exposed area of my body as I have to take care of my assets. 

It is so hard to keep up with this kind of weather but thank goodness that I have my Vaseline lotion secured in my bag. That is my secret for a moisturized skin and forever will be. Vaseline really help me in case of emergency and I love it very much. No more dry skin and lips so after that, I headed straight to Berjaya Times Square, Sg, Wang Plaza, Pavilion KL and KLCC to search for my new skinny jeans. Not only that, I went to buy more Vaseline lotion for my family members as next week will be the time for me to go back to Penang. 

So, are you moist enough Malaysians? Remember, you can have a moist skin as well if you use the one and only Vaseline lotion in this kind of weather. Don't be surprised if one day paparazzi come stalking you like I face everyday because I have a moist skin. Let me tell you a secret; having moist skin is the best option to be a show-stopper in clubs around Kuala Lumpur. Oops, I have to go! My publicist is calling for my next interview. See you guys and girls next time in a more radiant and moist skin (only if you use Vaseline!). 
Take care. Lots of dry skin to be repaired. 

Are you moist enough?


P/S: This blog post is brought to you by Vaseline.


Ms Ave T said...

Great post and good luck for the comp!

Miss Ave T

Azham Vosovic said...

wah, thank you so much. are you as well competing? Good luck to you too..