Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

The 53rd Merdeka Celebration will be held in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil tomorrow.
I am not going to let go of the chance to go there this year 
So hopefully I can meet some of my friends and juniors 
Who will be performing for 'Human Graphic' tomorrow.

I just want to wish Malaysia and Malaysians a Happy Independence Day.
I hope that the spirit will not be cherished for tomorrow only.
We must nurture nationality spirit in oneself and not only when 31st August comes every year.

Remember, all these comforts we have are all the results of what our ancestors had done.
Without them, Tanah Melayu (at that moment) will never gain independence.
I hope for just one thing:
-Take care of our country-

No one can or shall take Malaysia away from us!
We must be united and put aside our political views to help develop our country.
Please, I beg you, take care of Malaysia,
Our beloved country.

This is my favorite quotation,
Yes, for us to ponder about:

"My name is Malaysia and I have been living in independence for 53 years.
 I just hope that you Malaysians can help me and retain the independence forever".

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