Sunday, August 22, 2010


Jacob has a girl friend named Emma.
She is beautiful, drop dead gorgeous.
They are happily dating,
With intention to get married.

He has a plan for her,
To buy a house on top of a hill,
With built-in tower for their children,
But intention remains as intention.

He was caught for trafficking women
To become sex slave in the country.
She broke down in tears, bleeding,
And decided to put off the wedding.

He came to her and she bought the talk,
He promised to stop that immoral syndicate
When suddenly a bloated women came
And pressed the alarm of the house.

That Asian chick was expecting his son,
And forced him to marry her but he rejected.
That night, his future wife knocked that Asians' head until she died.
That is the price to pay when she knocked into their future family.

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