Saturday, August 28, 2010

Payback Time

This post is just an expression, 
so nothing to do with the living or the dead, 
especially IPBArians that I love!


You may claim that I am hypocrite,
But I don't mind, that's part of my reality.
You may say that I broke the promises made,
But who asked you to innocently pour them out?
You need to be true to yourself first,
and not to blame others for your sexual preference.
You need to make things right, 
not always to play the victim.

I may be infamous, 
Unknown, and who knows for the rest of my life?
But at least I tried my hardest to make sure
 My name to be written on the clouds.
You can say whatever you like, 
I have no right to stop you.
You are a big boy now,
You can take care of yourself.

Yes, you have different kind of attraction,
because you broke all straight guys.
And this is just the starting for my payback,
For you had taken the love of my life once.

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