Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ugly Truth

There is this type of boy in our world,
Whose habit is to see others sad and gloomy.
There is something about him, that he gets all joy
When he crushes people’s heart, inhumanely.

First, he hooked up with his friend’s boy friend,
And leave him all alone for all the satisfactions.
Secondly, he gets into his friends’ friendship
Until he backed down for no longer in the hierarchy.
Thirdly, he will deceitfully play the role of the victim
When in fight, and gain people’s sympathy.
He will get all credit while others worked hard to achieve it,
To be the last man standing, to laugh for what he had done.
Surprisingly, that is the ugliest truth ever about him,
And he will never stop, for that is the cause of his living.


Dark Half said...

well written poetry
who's this guy anyway?sometimes it's better to let out feelings in such a way

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Azham Vosovic said...

Dark Half: hurm,I don't know how to say this, hurm he's a friend of mine, and when I said that he's a friend of mine, then I think you can guess into further details...