Friday, August 13, 2010

And that was the most beautiful part of my life

Soundtrack: The Only Exception: Paramore, Family Portrait: Pink

I was so lonely that I even have to sing myself to sleep,
And on each night, I will cry until I fell asleep.
My mum and dad was next door, constantly at war,
And that will be the time where our TV was on for some drama.

Mum and dad used to be so in love
Until mum found out that dad was an addict.
And mum was infected and she didn't even know,
And then I was born, the result of the damage they made.

And when I was at home where it should be a sweet home.
I could hear my parents' marriage cracking,
I was only twelve and the closet was my hiding place,
And I hoped and cried wishing they could be at peace.

In school, I used to have so many friends
Until they found out that I am a carrier, HIV positive.
And I am immune to all those torturing acts in school,
Because those scenes in the movie happened in my life.

And in my class, there is this tall big guy,
He will patiently wait for me with a smile and thanked,
My food will be his lunch, and I will sit at the back of my class, 
Helpless, with tears flowing out of my sad eyes.

And then at school, there'll be this teacher,
She is an angel brought by God to help me.
And she didn't judge,
As she was not afraid to wipe my tears.

And I have a friend, I called him V,
He will come when I need a friend the most.
For him, crying is the best therapy,
And world is never fair without sympathy.

My mum didn't like him.
For her V doesn't exist and I has gone crazy.
And my parents blamed each other,
When the psychiatrist warded me for having an invisible friend.

And when at home, where V wasn't allowed to come,
I could feel total silence like the world has neglected me.
Then I could see my mothers drug on top of the fridge,
And I was quickly thinking of trying.

And when at school, where no one was watching,
I will always have the feeling to jump off the building,
My friend V said flying can let you free,
And that you will never feel lonely again.

And today, before school,
I heard my mum cried.
Dad said he had enough of her,
They will split and dad will leave.

Mum used to fight back,
But this morning she relented.
I knew she was already tired,
And I knew that my future is now figured.

And today after school,
I stood up behind the rail,
V came and hugged me,
He pleaded me to fly with him.

I saw V smiled when I was about to climb the rail,
But my parents came kneeling saying they still want me around.
And my teacher held my back and I cried for being stupid,
And that was the most beautiful part of my life, for I had saved my own life.


Amalina Sulaiman said...

wow azham! this one's so impressing? u made it?

Azham Vosovic said...

yes...thank you... guess what? I made this poem inside the surau while waiting for Isya' prayer. Like you said, being in the surau will make one feel calm and I totally agree with you! huhuhu...

.:rizaL:. said...

i like it alot...!nice post V

gwen velora said...

omg! you are super duper talented la.. im impressed. keep up the gud work dude.. i really like it.

Azham Vosovic said...

Rizal: hehehe, who's V? Vosovic? hehe

Gwen: This is the result after being so occupied with so many assignments. I'm quite surprise that I can come out with a poem in so many stanzas. I really love poetry! Hope that one day one of my poem will be used in English Studies or for English Literature in secondary school because I can ask my students to analyze my own poem. Hahah, dream on...