Monday, August 30, 2010

After my heart was killed

Ok fine.
An ex now is back.
Added me in Facebook.
Says sorry like forever.
Asks for forgiveness after my heart was killed.

Damn easy for this type of people to get back to me,
After my heart was eaten alive.
Felt sorry to myself for being so stupid last time!

And to make me fall again, 
Wanted to commit suicide.
Go on honey!
Go straight to hell in this holy month.
I just want you to make things right,
And never play with people's heart anymore.

To tell you the truth,
You really are bugging my life.
Yes, after we broke up,
I mean when I was dumped for no specific reason.
I thought about you each and every night
Thinking how I had missed the chance to see you.
And I cannot get over you at all,

And now you're back,
I don't know for what reason?
Just for you to know,
I will eat you alive if you dare to hurt me again.
Take care MNA.


cek tipah said...

saba jer la erk...
de hikmah nye tuh

mohd khairul anam khazali said...

benar yer cik tipah.sabo jer lah
nak buat macamne.manusia nih macam ragamnya aihh

missSenget said...

:) ade reason nape die wat cmtu..
mgkin die br sedar kamu yg terbaik..

Azham Vosovic said...

Cek Tipah: betul tu.. sabar je la..

Anam: hurm...x larat kot.. this is the second time by the same person.

miss Senget: terbaik ker? da la.. semalam sy da basuh dia cukup2