Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stylish Syawal with Roselle Scarf

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This is a good news for all my girls who love spending their cashes on trendy and stylish items and accessories. Roselle Scarf is going all out with its Raya Promotion this festive season; get scarfs for only RM 19.90 per scarf (previously RM 28) excluding postage services for a limited time only. Before that, let me introduce this gorgeous female entrepreneur plus a full-time student in UPM whose ambition is to share her stylish secrets with all women out there!
Full name: Nur Asmahan Nor Azman
Birth date: 3rd September 1990
Origin: Alor Star, Kedah
Course: Bachelor of Agriculture (Animal Science)
Business number: 017-2934098

Roselle Scarf is a hobby-turned-business because she loves sharing stuff that she likes. Asma, a humble and jovial human being started her business with a small investment of her own savings and a bit of funding from her supportive parents. 

Hajar by Roselle Scarf

Limited stock with 3 colours available

From left: 

It's Japanese Cotton with 175sm length and 56sm width

How to Purchase? 
- Inbox me your detail: code, name, address, and phone no

ask me anything 0172934098 (wattsapp)
"To venture a business while I am still studying is really tough; I need to schedule my time for business and studies equally. Things get more complicated during the examination week when I have to entertain my customers while catching up with my studies", she explains. 

She decides to start her own online shopping emporium because she feels that it is easily manageable while juggling with her studies in Universiti Putra Malaysia at the same time. In fact, online shopping is really comfortable, quick and easy as most Malaysians spend their time on the internet and make life decisions at the click of a mouse. 
She receives the stocks of shawls and scarfs from local suppliers and wholesalers that sell scarfs online and relies mainly on Roselle Scarf's Facebook page for promotion. Her main business prospect is for scarf and "tudung bawal" lovers around Malaysia with a significant hijab lovers from UPM. 
"Roselle Scarf also has its fans amongst the guys because we have the special "Gift for Someone" service whereby buyers can present the scarfs to a special person. We provide a packaging service with a reasonable prize and the scarfs will be delivered to their special someone without additional cost. However this service only applies around UPM area at the moment but we will expand our service in future", Asma explains further.  

Apart from scarfs and shawls, Asma also sells Kimono cardigan, "tudung bawal" and telekung for travel purposes. The designs are very recent and definitely up to date to the latest style of the fashion industry. Most importantly, the items sold at Roselle Scarf puts on importance towards covering the aurah of Muslim women.
"Kimono cardigan"
"Tudung bawal"
"Bawal cotton"

"Travel Telekung".

To purchase Roselle Scarfs, all you need to do is SMS or Whatsapp Asma at 017-2934098 the codes of your preferred items. She will inform you the details of the payments and the items will be delivered as soon as the payments have been made. This is to ensure the quality of the service to her dearest customers. Payments can be made via Nur Asmahan Nor Azman's bank account:

CIMB Bank: 0211-0045330-521
Maybank: 1520-6894-1770.

Customers can check their tracking number by double clicking the icon "POS Laju Tracking" and insert your tracking number to trace the parcel, easy right? 
To end this interview session, Asma adds that Roselle Scarf's targets in two years time are to diversify the range of her products and to increase the quality of its service by making her customers happy. That is all the time we have for tonight and to my dearest my blog readers, please browse through Roselle Scarf's Facebook page and purchase one or two scarfs for yourselves or your loved ones this Hari Raya okay. Insyaallah you will have the most Stylish Syawal with Roselle Scarf this year but be quick before the stocks are sold out! Take care and god bless :)


cikbunge said...

woww! cantek2. hee :D

Browacana said...

Cantik jugak tudung nie....

Unknown said...

cik bunge: hehe cantik kan...jangan lupa borong banyak-banyak :)

Ahsan Mubarak: hehehe bolehlah beli untuk yang tersayang :)


wahhhh! ;)

Unknown said...

Narumi: janganlah wah-wah saja...borong la sekali hehehe :)

Aziela said...

Oh...x laratlah akak nak layan scarf belit2 ni. Dengan nak masak, kemas rumah, bela anak... tudung express jer yang sesuai.

Unknown said...

Kak Aziela: hehe tudung jenis shawl atau scarf ni memang untuk buat berjalan-jalan, bergaya je hehe....kurang sesuai kalau nak duduk dapur seharian hehe....akak pun tetap cantik pakai tudung express hehe :)

~Sal Ismail~ said...

menarik..tertarik~ ^^

Unknown said...

Kak Sal: wah tertarik ke? jangan lupa beli tau untuk bergaya di hari raya hehehe :)

~Sal Ismail~ said...

akak skrg dah mula explore gaya2 menarik pakai tudung..feelin excited..hehe~

nnt akak jenguk2 yg ni pula~ ;p

p/s: mekasih utk kata2 semangat tu..terharu~ ^^

Unknown said...

Kak Sal: harooos, Kak Sal memang bergaya pun hehehe..... okay akak...take care and God bless :)

Nick Nashram said...

cantiknye tudung..tuan pakai tudung pun cantik jugak..azham pe lagi..huhu

Anonymous said...

tudung cantik + pemakainya cantik.. wahhhhh ^^ hehe

Unknown said...

Nick: eh tak boleh tu kekasih orang tu. Tak baik cilok hahaha :)

Ized: hey Asma tu junior you tau....perasan x?