Friday, September 16, 2011

Eating Out @ Basil

Location: Basil, Bangsar Village Mall.

With Madam Yashwanora Yahaya, 

Alexs Nuk, 

Kamal Khairi and


Appetizers, a variety of popiahs and wantans  but sorry, we ate all of it and I forgot to take the picture earlier; there is just one left.

I had this noodle with minced chicken meatballs for RM 13++ and I love it so much. This meal is better than rice, plus I love the soup that comes with the meal. Really really lovely!

Pineapple Chicken Rice, Madam Yashwanora ordered this and she loved it too. There are plenty of rice so no need to worry people! And please don't eat the pineapple although it looks tasty. 

I forgot the name of this meal, but it is just the same as "Nasi Goreng Padprik". Alexs finished eating the meal in less than 10 minutes, see how hungry we were at that time.

This is my desert, sweet sago something (I forgot the name) and it is really really sweet. I like my desert, one of us had something that looks like "pengat pisang" and it felt very traditional, like the old kampong style.

So guys and girls, if you savor Siamese cuisine, Basil restaurant is the place you have to go, honestly! The dishes are scrumptious, the price is affordable, the ambient is inviting and you will feel like a celebrity eating out at a fancy restaurant. I love it, and I seriously loving the food. I will definitely come again with some other friends to try out other dishes. Thank you Madam Yash for once again, treating us at a place all of us can ever go. Hope that Allah will bless you with health and wealth so that you can treat us with your own cooking one day ;)


Unknown said...

hmm semua tak pernah try lg

ewanthology said...

pelik2 makanan kat ctu nye.. maunya 2 jam aku dok pikir nak order apa.. heeee

Unknown said...

just nak bgtau yg blog ni trsenarai dlm aku nye bloglist..hehe ;D

Unknown said...

Zuan: heheh, try la, mai sini wa bawa you pegi Bangsar Village Mall hehehe

delarocha: hahaha, mmg pelik, tapi sedap...