Sunday, September 25, 2011

F&N Big Fun Fest

F&N Big Fun Fest was held successfully yesterday for the second year at the same rockin' road, Jalan Bukit Bintang. This year, the event aims to assemble the biggest dance mob in Malaysia plus concerts and street party until midnight.

I was there last night to cover the event and I seriously had a great time watching the dance mob and observing the people who played the street games. Visitors can decorate their own F&N funky t-shirt, download freebies and get awesome gifts by joining the games held there. 

As F&N is the organizer of that street party, of course they serve soft drinks as well. I saw one guy who kept on coming to collect as many cans of drinks probably for his family at home ;)

The peak of the night was a concert hosted by Awal Ashaari and another female host; and more people started to jam the front row so I moved to the side of the stage.

And at the side of the stage, I could see clearly the performances by the artists via the screen and shockingly Awal and his co-host were sitting there too.

I waited for One Nation Emcess to finish their awesome performance and then I left to have my dinner. I did not stay until the concert ends because I need to go back and start doing my assignments, which are still pending until this point of time because procrastination is my best attitude ;)


Anonymous said...


adwafarahin said...

tahun dulu adwa pegi dpt baju 'smiley' taun nie xde kwn la so adwa pon x pegi

mst best kan?

amir aizat said...

bestnyer !!

Azham Vosovic said...

Lelaki Ini: hahah, mmg happening!

Adwa: yeay, last year I dpt t-shirt smiley gak hehehhe

amir aizat: fuh, da lama x on9 ni heheheh