Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Izati

Happy Birthday Izati!!!

I hope you are comfortable with your age now. Hello you are twenty already hahaha. I wish you a Happy Birthday, don't worry because twenty is just a set of numbers. Most of us are still nineteen, so let us be hehehe.

This picture was taken last week, May 12th when we had an advanced birthday surprise for her. This is the picture before she was pranked, taken in HR Steakhouse Kampung Baru.

This is the picture after the celebration! Yeah, we managed to cover her in flour when we walked near Menara TM, just after we got out from the LRT. Now imagine that she had to walk looking like that back to the college. Yeah, we are so mean and luckily she can take the joke. Well, birthday is celebrated only once in a year right? I can't wait to see and experience the surprises on my own birthday. My friends are going to be here in college on December 15 so I'll wait for my turn hehehe.

So Izati, I have this special gift for you since you LOVE Auntie Anne's pretzel so much right? I have called Madam Ann to make one for you (since you two share the same birth date) but wait, you are not in college already right? Oh my I have to cancel the plan right away hahaha.

She was also wearing her favourite jeans, t-shirt, scarfs and handbag on that night, what a coincidence. Okay enough with the ramblings. Dear Nurul Izati Binti Zainal Abidin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! All the best in your life, have a blessed journey ahead. You are one of my close friends in college and thank you for willing to sit next to me in class. I know that I annoy you sometimes and I do miss our times spent in the class. Take care Zati, see you in September, salam. 



erk. kami x pernah komen eh entri ni? hoho

Azham Vsvc said...

Izat: haha siapalah kami ni? Tuan punya badan pun tak komen blog post apresiasi begini hahaha!