Friday, May 6, 2011

School Trip @ Genting Highlands!

Another trip to Genting Highlands but with different people, except for Alexs Nuk hehehe. We went there last Tuesday with Diba, Aiman, Rina, Julia, Fatin, Shafik, Nateesha and Fizur, like a real school trip!

There is a really cheap package, Rm 46 if I am not mistaken that is inclusive of bus fare from KL Sentral to Genting Skyway and then take the cable car straight up to Genting Highlands. 

Alexs Nuk, (the familiar face in my blog), Diba and Eliya.

Still, we have to pay RM 10 if we want to enjoy the Flying Coaster and trust me, my friends enjoyed it very very much. I did not take a ride on it because I am quite used to it already hehe.

The attraction here is surely this Space Shot (some call it Solero Shot etc) because you will feel like you have left your heart on the clouds, like seriously!!!

Sadly, we can't take a ride on the Corkscrew because it was under weekly maintenance. There were basically quite a lot of rides that was undergoing maintenance on Tuesday actually so please avoid this day okay if you are thinking of going to Genting Highlands.

This picture was taken when all of us were waiting for Shafik, Fizur and Aiman. They lined up for more than one hour just to take a ride on the go-kart! 

And then, like a real school kids, we went to the Pirate House (or ghost house) to scare ourselves up! Oh I miss the times when I go to fun-fairs at my place when I was a kid....

The weather was okay in the afternoon but it rained heavily in the evening. There were lots of rides that had to be closed and not much of shelters for tourists like us though. The management seriously have to consider about this matter and install more shelters in the theme park...

And that was all that happened for me this week. There are quite a lot of other pictures actually but I feel so lazy to upload it here...maybe next time? And yeah, I am looking forward for a tour tomorrow? Where will it be huh? Wait yea, until I update my blog later!

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