Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yuna Inspired Secret Concert!

Yuna Inspired Secret Concert

Date : 30 April 2011
Time : 8.00 pm
Venue : MAPKL @Solaris Dutamas

Brought to you by: 
DiGi, Astro Hitz, Canon and Malaysia Airlines.


Picture credits to @thestar_rage

Yes, I was there just now,with some of my friends from DiGi Done Right Camp. I had fun there, got to sing a bit of "Dan Sebenarnya" on stage but did not win it though. At least, I got another special gift which is the Decorate CD. Now, I want to share to all of you some of the pictures taken by social networking users, shared via Twitter okay? I will upload more photos so enjoy this post first okay?


Can you spot me on stage? 

 That's me, in my favorite grey t-shirt. Photo credit to Sis Dyana Hashim! Thank you sis!

My friends from DiGi Done Right Camp.

Photo credit to Jestina Goon, one of the Nuffies there.

So, that's all for today. Wait for my next post tomorrow okay people? Special thanks to DiGi, Nuffnang, Astro Hitz, Canon and Malaysia Airlines.


K.zoe said...

pegi x ajak... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Aly89 said...

Me, Mimi & Dewi were invited too but yeah, we're busy packing for home :)

So, how was it?

Ali Kanchan aka Pirate said...

uwahhh u r so lucky! Again

Azham Vosovic said...

K.zoe: hehe, nape x join? jauh eyh?

ALy89: hurm, Rayyan told me bout that. It's okay, we can still see each other next time heheh

Mr Ali: hehe, alhamdulillah, rezeki lepas exam hehehe