Friday, May 6, 2011

Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 Press Conference

I just came back from Zouk KL, attended a press conference for Astro Hitz Spin Master 2. I had a really great time there, meeting new friends, spreading connections, eat a lot, meet the celebrities and many many more!

Tonight has been one of the best night for me because I have been dreaming to go to Zouk since I was in Form 4. Yes, if my best friend Khairul Anam still remember, we were influenced by Fazura and Melissa in Gol & Gincu right? Sorry that I did not invite you because I know you are struggling with your final exam and stuff. We will go there someday, once we both reach 23 years old okay?

Okay, back to the business people. I was invited by Astro Hitz as a media to cover the press conference and publish it in my blog, for all of you to read. Have you heard of Spin Master aired sometimes last year at Astro Hitz? Yes, that is the one and only televised DJ Competition in Malaysia and I am so excited for Season 2! Guess what? The winner of this season will get a chance to spin a personal slot at the prestigious "Gallery" at the Ministry of Sound London! 

This season, the judges that will be joining the troop is DJ Blink, DJ Goldfish, DJ Gabriel and Joey G will still be hosting the show! What a great job man, you deserve it! For those interested in joining this competition, do not miss the chance for the audition that is going to be held at the official venue, Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur on 15 and 16 May. This audition will also make full use of social media network as the videos of the DJs will be uploaded in YouTube for viewers to vote, interactive right? Well, that's the whole point of internet for sure!

Mr Vosovic and Joey G!

BCARD, the Official Loyalty Card sponsor will be sponsoring holidays for the top four finalist of Astro Hitz Spin Master 2 to Berjaya Tioman inclusive of flights with Berjaya Air! Oh I wish bloggers like us can join them too, to cover their holidays?

To view and select the 8 finalists, vote online between May 19th and June 2nd. The details are available on www.facebook.com/astrohitz and the show will be on air on Astro Hitz channel 705, every Wednesday from June 8th onwards at 3.30 PM! Don't forget to see the glimpse of me too hahaha!

Lexie, one of the Red FM radio announcer and Mr Vosovic.

Reshmi, Debbie, Cavin, Mr Vosovic and Rayyan. Cavin is one of the writer for Men's Health magazine and he is also looking for writers! I am so going to try my luck hehehe...

I really am flattered that Astro Hitz called me to attend the event. I got to meet my blogging friends, greet new people, spreading my connection and party! That is the most important thing hehehe. 

Another blogger that I met at the event. He is so lucky for getting lots of invitation to attend concerts and such! I would die to go for Maroon 5 concert as a media like him! Looking forward for that, hehehe! Hope that we can be a really good blog mate Asy'ari! Visit and follow his blog at http://asyariamirdotcom.blogspot.com/

Oh, I think that is all for today. I am really excited that finally I got to enter Zouk KL even though I am technically not 23 years old yet! Thank you Astro Hitz for calling, don't hesitate to dial my number for next events yea?


adwafarahin said...

waaa it looks great!
jeles :P

- zuriey - said...

wow..cam best je

Azham Vosovic said...

Adwa: hehe mmg best pun....Jojo Struys pun baik sgt

Zuriey: hehe, sangat sangat best huhuhu

Dead Eye said...

too bad i missed out the food :(
anyway, i'm the dude u met last night, calvin, if u remember who :p

Dead Eye said...

too bad i missed out the food :(
anyway, i'm the dude u met last night, calvin, if u remember who :p

Azham Vosovic said...

U didn't get the chance to have the food? too bad! hehe, of course I still remember you, the one with the big camera! heheh, nice meeting you though!