Saturday, May 28, 2011


This is for my people who have been very thoughtful when I am around them in IPG KBA; my dearest friends and lecturers. This is a heartfelt good bye to all of you because I am leaving Kuala Lumpur tonight at 10 PM insyaallah. If I am still given a chance to breathe in this world, we shall meet again in September. 

Thanks to all friends, for being so supportive and sweet when it comes to entertaining my sensitivity. Only God can repay your kindness one day, I hope that our friendship will last forever, and we can graduate together in 2015.

To all lecturers, thank you for not giving up on me and all of us. I know that we are the rebellious group of students, and we did not study hard as well. I hope that I can do better next semester, because I want to be an excellent English language teacher one day.

Dear followers and readers of Love Hate by Azham Vosovic, I hope that all of you enjoyed all the dramas that I have posted here. I wish that I will have more time to blog but I need to find a job, and get paid for that. At least I have something to do for my semester break right? Wish me luck because this will be my first time working.

Thank you so much for appreciating my presence. Okay guys and girls, I will see you around... Take care and god bless!

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budak baek said...

hav a safe and blessed journey back azham..=)

Unknown said...

Wishing you all the best! (^_^)

Unknown said...

Gonna miss u too..will be missing ur sensitivity da most hehe

Unknown said...

Gud luck! alooo...comel budak2 tu

Unknown said...

Thank you Farah and Sis Aly...

Rizal, I'll be missing you too, but your mouthful talks only hahahah.

Suhaimi: huhu, terima kasih...sy mmg comel hahaha