Thursday, June 2, 2011


Salam guys and girls, how are you doing lately? I am not doing quite well actually as I am still feeling a bit sick due to the viral fever I am having. It is a very weird kind of fever because it makes me feel so cold at night and after few hours, I will feel extremely warm. I will be sweating until the next morning and it will happen again the next night. Gosh, scary right?

All I can do now is to pray that Allah will let me recover and be healthy as soon as possible. I want to work during this semester break as I need money to pay for some matters I got myself into it. I know it is kind of too late now but I am not going to retreat.

And I realize it now that all we plan will not always go on schedule because Allah has a better plan for us.

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Unknown said...

I'll pray 4 ur health azham...miss u so much..

Unknown said...

He has something special planning for u...insyaAllah =)

Unknown said...

what kind of viral fever is't?

Unknown said...

Thank you RIzal, miss you too.

Suhami:Insyaallah, moga cepat sembuh...

amir aizat: I got this fever from a viral infection in my throat...