Friday, June 24, 2011

Peer Pressure

Everybody is owning a car now. My BFF's mum said that he will get a car because he managed to get more than 3.50 for his CGPA. My partner-in-crime gets her car today, green in color and it is so beautiful. Oh my, what a great peer pressure! I guess I need to enter more competition with cars as the prizes. Oh Azham, you can do it! Get a car and shut your mouth hehehe.

P/S: Don't worry, I am so happy for my friends that I can't wait to get on their cars one day. And this new Kia Sportage is superb!

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Unknown said...

u'll be more satisfied if u own a car with ur own money. isnt it so?

Unknown said...

YEah I know, but we can get it by joining contests too right? I mean kalau ada jalan mudah kita cuba heheheh