Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Ok to cry

by The Angel of Secrets

No one really gets it, they just don't understand,
Nothing went the way it should, nothing went like planned.
The path she chose was not the one she should take,
She felt if she did, she wouldn't be real she'd be fake.
She never really felt supported, by her friends and family,
She felt what she saw, only she could see.
They said she was good, good but not great,
She was not fantastic, a perfect piece she could not create.
Yet it did not break her, it only made her strong,
She knows she is right, and she knows they are wrong.
She know this is what fate meant for her to be,
She doesn't really care if others disagree.
She knows she can show herself, knows she can live,
She knows she can take, and she knows she can give.
It's OK to show you're weakness, OK to show you're scar,
It's OK to be different, to be who you are.
She knows she can do this, at least she will try,
Because she knows herself, and that its OK to cry.

I love this poem, seriously. I took it from a lecturer's note in Facebook and decided to share with all of you here. Please, take your time to interpret it.

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senyumSOYA said...

no matter how tough we are.. sumetimes we need to cry...^^!
it's a part of our emotions~

Unknown said...

That's true senyumSOYA...we are not 100% free from this kind of emotion...

Unknown said...

It's OK to be different, to be who you are.

love this.... =)

Unknown said...

Yay atok kita geng! What a lovely poem!