Saturday, June 25, 2011

That Jump

When the edge so high you are standing tall, 
You push yourself back never meant to fall.
A sudden realization that you are young...
A load of relieve you never made that jump.

Don't be stupid, committing suicide will never solve a thing. Even people who has cancer can still survive until now, with support from friends and families. All you need is a blog, iman and remember Allah always.


senyumSOYA said...

all you need is a blog? tambah sket.. iman dan ingat Allah..(^^!

Unknown said...

Ha betul! thanks for reminding hehehhe....

Unknown said...

this is so true. u book a ticket to hell if u do so. btw, hv u ever thought of jumping down the building? hehe

Unknown said...

RIzal, that is so true! For the first time in my life I read something intelligent from you hahhahaha