Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sprain My Wrist

Oh my God, life in Kepala Batas is so boring! (Sorry people from Kepala Batas if you were to read this). I think that I can sprain my wrists writing for too much in my blog. And my parents are out for work today, I have that car but did not plan on going anywhere. Maybe tonight I will head to KFC and grab my dinner after I send my brother for his tuition classes, and alone I will go to Pantai Bersih to observe the people there. Oh my, starting life all over again in Kepala Batas is so hard, I did not manage to make friends yet as my neighbors are mostly school kids! I wish that one day my parents will be transferred back to Baling Kedah so that we can stay at our own house, and have our old friends and neighbors around (not in the same house la).

P/S: Okay fine, there are a lot of people at Pantai Bersih so maybe I will just go to Sungai Petani...Boring boring boring!

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Unknown said...

rumah ku syurga ku... =)

Sizzling Suzai said...

harrr..g pantai then, can find ur dream girl lah...mane tau die pon same kbosanan ngadap laut tuh! hehehe =)

Unknown said...

Atok: heheh, rumah ku syurga ku juga... nasib baik atok tak tinggal terus kat Cameron Highland kan?

Suzai: hahaha, dream girl? Lambat lagi la... tak nak orang Utara juga, nak feeling2 balik kampung jauh2 nanti hahahah