Sunday, April 24, 2011

Break a leg, literally!

Tomorrow is my final examination for this semester and I quite like it. Why do I strangely feel like that? Well, the examination will be on for a week then I will be officially free from assignments, books and everything. I just have to stay back in IPBA until May 28th, Graduation Ceremony for my beloved seniors, Kak Miza especially and then I can go back to Penang. 

So this is my examination schedule:

Monday    (2-4PM)       : Kemahiran Berfikir
Tuesday   (2-4PM        : Falsafah Pendidikan
Wednesday (2-4 PM)      : Linguistics
Thursday  (8.30-10.30AM): Prose Forms and Poetry
Friday    (8.30-10.30AM): Communication Skills

From the bottom of my heart:

To all my friends in IPG KBA, B. Ed TESL for Secondary School especially, I wish all of you good luck and happy answering the question papers. I hope we can all get excellent result in the examination and enjoy our 4 months of holidays okay? Do your best people!

I would like to apologize to all of you if I have done anything foolish throughout this semester. There are fourty of us and we are all naughty right, so let us forgive each other. I forgive all of you as well, and I hope that we can answer the papers with a vivid memory and comprehension. 

To every student of IPG KBA, I know that tomorrow marks the exam week for all (except the juniors) so I wish all of you too good luck. I will never ever forget all of you, and when I say all of you it means all of you okay? Do your best people! 

Break a leg, literally!

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senyumSOYA said...

good luck and all the best!!! hihih
dekirudake ganbarou ^^~

Pirate said...

all the best wishes for you bro!

Aly89 said...

Our final exam is within the week too, on Wed..then I'll be going back to Sbh for good on Sunday :)

Anyway, all the best. And yes, go break a leg & squeeze that brain! :D

Azham Vosovic said...

SenyumSOYA: thanks bro! nervous nih..

Pirate: hehe, thanks Encik Ali...

Sis Aly: hehe, good luck for your final exam too. Hehe, see you in near future if we have the chance to so so. Take care...

amir aizat said...

goodluck yaw!

Azham Vosovic said...

Thank you bro!