Monday, April 11, 2011

Tappers Cafe, Bangsar South City

Yes, another cafe with affordable food and secluded area for you to date with your friends. Located in The Sphere, Bangsar South City, this cafe offers varieties of breakfast, lunch and dinner treat for food lovers like all of us. 

This time around, the members of the Forever Hungry Community, myself, Diba, Nateesha and Azam went for a lunch there and we love it so much! You can eat chicken chop and spaghetti with only RM 13++ with a complimentary drinks. Trust me,that is cheap and the food is quite nice! Enjoy the photos people...

The hungry people!

Miss Nateesha and I.

Our drinks, I forgot the name already.

Mr Vosovic, the shy blogger.

Mr Alexs Nuk a.k.a Azam Jamil.

Miss Diba the Dibot.

Mr Vosovic and the tasty chicken chop.

I think that this is the only place where we can get two pieces of chicken chop in one plate for only RM13, so it's cheap right?

The creamy whatsoever name spaghetti.

Enjoying the food Diba?

He's so hungry!

Our gorgeous lady driver! 

This, I would say as the "muka kenyang" for those two people. Seriously, they have never been that kind of "full" before, especially Azam.

If you would like to go to this place, make sure you get the direction right because it is quite secluded in The Sphere area itself. Maybe you can Google the cafe first and remember the name, Tappers Cafe. It's for Malaysian food lover like us. Trust me, you can get delicious Nasi Dagang and many other food there. It suits our Malaysian taste! 


adwafarahin said...

mmg muka lapa sgt di situ hee :)

Azham Vosovic said...

hahaha, semua lapar...

Suhami Ahmad said...

omaigot...wat the dish....so bad atok on diet...waaaaa

Azham Vosovic said...

Atok ni, da ensem dah... buat apa nak diet lg? hehehe