Sunday, April 3, 2011

23rd Birthday, Amariah Lopez

Happy 23rd Birthday Sis Amariah Lopez! You are very strict but a loving sister; that is why I am very sure we are all very happy to have you in our class. Seriously, your age and attitude blinds my eyes when I first saw you nearly two years ago. It turns out that someone who used to give me goosebumps during our first month together is actually very caring and supportive. Now, let's enjoy the pictures of the prank party on the first night of April, courtesy of Miss Hakimah's mobile phone. 

Mixture of eggs, flour and water balloons!

Look at the angry face; it has been two years we pranked her on her birthday.

Sis Amariah Lopez with Diba the Dibot Hates Sluts.

Yes, I was clean that night. Nobody managed to throw eggs or flour at me. I managed to run away from all the "budak busuk".

The other "budak busuk".

This is our second year that we have to clean up the canteen after the party but we are very happy to do it. Seriously, we had fun, right people?

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