Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day Out for Self

For the sake of a plate of rice, I need to go out and do all sorts of donkey jobs to make sure my tummy is full for another day. What a sad life because other people can have their meals on time while I am struggling here and there with my assignments.

Until today, I managed to sneak out of my busy life and went for food hunting, again! This time, I had to deal with my cravings for Japanese Soba in Secret Recipe! Oh yea, I have settled my cravings and where is the next pit-stop?

Bangsar Sports Complex, the only place in Kuala Lumpur that I can go swimming with a cheap rate! Seriously, RM 2 for two hours of swimming session and there are less people there too! 

Then I went to Nasi Kandar Pelita. I had one roti canai and one roti telur and am still full until now.

 My friends, Azam, Shafik, Imran and Fizur were there too but since this post is about a day out for myself, I decided not to include their photos in this post. It sounds mean right but what to do?

After that, I decided to take a stroll back to my hostel. Can you imagine that I had to walk from Bangsar to IPG KBA? It was fun though, the best scenery in Bukit Pantai! Well, I love "kerja gila" like this because some of my friends don't. 

And that is the view of my hostel from Bukit Pantai. Only IPBArians will notice this old building right?

To add some creepiness to that old building, I edited the picture to look more haunted than ever. Most of the hostels in IPG KBA are haunted actually as I have heard stories from my seniors and friends. So far, I have not experienced any ghostly adventures yet and not planning to get one!

So I reached the hostel at about 6.30 PM and here am I, completing this blog post to all of you. Oh wait, I have published it already, hehehe! Enjoy...


Pirate said...

I know the mentioned creepy building. We just neighbor during my studies...

Suhami Ahmad said...

ha.....japannese soldier is waiting for u...haaaaa

Azham Vosovic said...

Pirate: hehe, you studied near IPG KBA before? Wow, which college? UM???

Atok: hahah, aiyyooo larik....Askar Jepu kejar...