Friday, April 22, 2011

Showdown 2011 Back Atcha' with Nick Demoura: The Review

It was a hectic week for me, so when Nuffnang called me to join that event, I was all fired up to distress myself. Well, as I have posted in my previous post, Madam Yashwanora was supposed to join this dance workshop but she had to withdraw for some reasons actually.

So, I posted an "advertisement" in my blog for those who might be interested to join and the result was negative. I texted most of my friends and they were too busy with assignments and sports events. Well, I was lucky because at last, Syazwan was interested to join me on that night. 

So we went there, at Celebrity Fitness Lot 10 with so many talented dancers and bloggers. It was a shock actually, because I thought that there would be only 4 bloggers and 4 guests but more than 100 turned up last night. They got the invitation from Facebook because 8TV was shooting for the show Showdown 2011 with Nick Demoura too. The session for bloggers started quite late and I was already demotivated to dance at that time.

I am not pervert okay but I took this picture as a proof that the place was quite packed with talented dancers. Look at how they were dressed and danced! I seriously can't catch up that fast but at least I tried right? Okay, maybe I have asked too much here but I need to point out few things that I think should be improved one day. Well, Nick's presence last night was not really helpful because he had to handle lots of people. I think the organizer should reduce the number of participants or maybe get more people to help Nick on the floor. 

Then, at 10 PM, we both went to McD and eat! Yeah, we enjoyed the night even though we had to go through the crowd. I think I should never get too excited when I get any invitation for events later. They usually will not turn up to be great as I expected. Well, another lesson to be learnt!


Pirate said...

as a reward, we had a dinner on the next day. Is it? hehe

Azham Vosovic said...

heheh, pandai je dia nak amek hati eyh? hehehe