Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gadis Semasa Concert

Gadis Semasa Concert
8 PM until late,
Orange Dragonfly Club Kuala Lumpur.

That was Ally Iskandar, the emcee of the night. We met him when we went to the "surau" in Pavilion for Maghrib prayer. He was not the same as I watch in TV; he was quite short and plum, sorry!

Melda Ahmad, the "Gadis Semasa" as shown in the series. She's small, slim and needs more practice. You go girl!

Yuna, my forever favorite Malay singer! She sang "Dan Sebenarnya", "Penakut", "Cinta Sempurna" and "Gadis Semasa". Seriously, she was the best performer on that night and the crowd went hysterical when she sang "Penakut". Love that song so much!

HUJAN! Yes, the crowd went literally mad when the band came out as the last performer. Well, Ella and One Nation Emcees performed as well for the concert but I totally forgot to snap their pictures. My photographer, Mr Aiman has taken lots of photos and videos but I have to wait for them to be uploaded first okay?


To Diba, I wish you were there last night but it's okay. Your duties as a daughter is more important and I am totally cool with that. So, I will award you for your kindness with this little something in that black box. Hope you'll like it!


IzudeanIzed said...

aaly iskandar memang pendek...anas emas TV3...hehe :D wah..bestnya pergi konsert...lagi dekat ngan kl senang lah kan..

Wuucin Kimora said...

Ya,,short! ;p

Azham Vosovic said...

IzudeanIzed: betul betul betul, beliau agak rendah hehehe. Mmg best dpt kampus dekat KL ni, senang nk pergi mana2...tu yg risau sikit ni sbb tahun depan mesti da x sama kan?

Wuucin Kimora: hehe, indeed!

Anonymous said...

awww... u just dont have to, dear! ^^,

Azham Vsvc said...

D: No biggie :)