Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Day Out for Prince and Princess of Penang

So today is the day that I brought my sister to my favorite places all around Kuala Lumpur. We went to Pavilion of course, and watch the movie Cun! It was awesome, one of the best Malay movie ever produced in the 21st century!

My little sister.

Nur Hidayah Binti Amran is her name.

I don't know if she's still single or not?

Oh she loves camera too!

Somewhere outside Lot 10.

What a heavy box!

Oh yes, we took photos like nobody's business!

The busy Bukit Bintang street!

She's finally there, Bukit Bintang!

For dinner, we had Carl's Junior's Burger!

Don't we look alike? Yes, that's because we're siblings!

She loves the burger!

Well I don't know for how many times I have been wearing the same shirt! I really need to shop for new t-shirts hahaha...

And that's the end of the Princess's trip. She had to go back to her hiding place and get a perfect sleep. Well, she'll be going back this Thursday and she has another task to undergo on the following Sunday. Wish her luck people, because a princess needs to satisfy her own needs too. 

As a brother, I wish you good luck for your future undertakings. Seriously, you will get the future that you have always wanted. If it is not today, you'll get it the day after. Keep on trying sis, because a princess is not a quitter! 

P/S: Best of luck! 


Wuucin Kimora said...

Baiknyer abg... comey jer ;)

Azham Vosovic said...

Hahah segan saya,,,, da lama tak jumpa keluarga saya tau...

Pirate said...

nampak sgt enjoy... x pernah rs mcm tue...

Azham Vosovic said...

Encik Pirate x ada adik???

Miss Zati (^___^) said...

sweeeeeettttt... :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Thanks Zati... saya kan abang?

zakiranSiraj said...

carls junior! tempting nya,kat sini takda. kenapalah dpt institut penang. Har har

Azham Vosovic said...

hehehe, sbb kt Penang pun byk tempat makan yg best... jgn sedih2 kay, nanti sy suruh Pak Cik Carl buka satu cawangan dalam IPG K. P P. Pinang tu ehhehe