Friday, April 22, 2011

Funny Cupcakes

This is the pictures of the cupcakes that I selfishly ate without knowing that I have to give one to Alexs Nuk. I deliberately took these pictures and enjoyed them silently in my room, and then suddenly Alexs Nuk came to my room and said:

"Hey, Diba said she gave me something and it's on Shafik's table. Do you see it? She said that it's small and..."

And I was like "Oh my God! Did he mean the cupcakes just now? It's inside my tummy now!".

Then I told him the truth and bought him Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence as a substitute. Thank goodness that Alexs Nuk was very tolerant and not so fussy about it.

Well Diba, thank you so much for buying me the cupcakes! You should also remind me that you want to give it to Alexs Nuk too, so I won't do it again next time hehehe. And that was a funny story behind that cute little Bisou cupcakes! 

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